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We Buy Junk Cars

We buy junk cars with or without titles. Get instant cash for your junk cars. We schedule a pick-up within 24-48 hours. We will provide you with the best and most secure deal possible.

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We Buy Junk Cars

When is the Best Time to
Sell Your Junk Car?

If you're considering selling your junk car, wait until the right time of year. Many factors must be considered, including the age and condition of your junk car, the purpose for selling, and if you have the patience to wait for the best offer. The optimum time to sell your junk car for cash is usually between March to August. This is the time of year when buyers get their tax refunds and have some additional money to spend.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

  • Mechanics

    Some expert mechanics may be interested in purchasing your junked automobile, mainly if it is a popular model or has a collector's market. Auto mechanics specialize in Nissans from the 1980s and 1990s and will purchase any JDM-related junk cars. Others may be found for Hondas, Subarus, and ancient Toyotas. Look to discover any mechanics in your area that only work on your make or model.

  • Auto Salvages

    These are junkyards that acquire junk cars and then sell the components separately. They specialize in a single brand, such as a BMW. If your vehicle still has valuable parts, salvage yards will usually give you the best price. Alternators, good-condition tires, and a navigation system are just a few examples of valuable components. They'll pay cash for your automobile, place it on the lot for pick-and-pull, and then shred the frame.

  • Online Buyers

    It's never a terrible idea to put your junk on the market and see what the market will bear first. You may locate local persons who purchase junk cars if you post on Craigslist. They can tow it or come to you to get it in this situation. When you utilize eBay to acquire junk cars, you'll discover folks from all over the world, making the delivery process more complicated.

  • Scrap Metal Yards

    Scrap metal yards are only interested in your junk car's current metals market price. Any valuable components will be ignored. They will calculate your vehicle's weight and provide you with the current scrap steel market prices. Your vehicle's weight is most likely to be valued per ton.

How We Buy Junk Cars?

How We Buy Junk Cars?

Selling your junk cars to JunkYardNearMe is easy. When buying junk cars, we follow a simple three-step procedure

  1. 1Over the phone, we make you a proposal.
  2. 2We arrive at your home or place of business to pick up your junk car.
  3. 3We immediately pay you cash.

We buy junk cars for cash and can pay you within 24 hours of accepting our offer. What's more, we come to you. A representative from JunkYardNearMe will meet with you at a time and location that is convenient for you. If you cannot meet with the agent at your home, the agent will gladly meet you at your workplace. The agent will hand over the money if you have the keys and the title. That's it.

What Junk Cars Does JunkYardNearMe Buy?

  • Junk cars

    A junk car, sometimes known as a scrap car, is a vehicle that no longer operates, is irreparably damaged, or is not worth repairing since it has little market value and is better sold for parts or scrap.

  • Salvage cars

    A Salvage car is an automobile that is usually worth 20% to 40% less than a car with a clean title. If you file a claim on a salvage vehicle, you should anticipate a substantially lesser "total loss" compensation than you would for a "clean " car.

  • Rebuilt cars

    A rebuilt car indicates that a vehicle has been restored after receiving a salvage title due to severe accident damage, fire, flood, or manufacturer repurchase after a successful lemon-law claim.

  • Non-running cars

    Vehicles that cannot be loaded using their power are non-running vehicles. It is a non-runner if the vehicle's battery has died. To be considered, the emergency brake must be operational; otherwise, it is a non-runner.

  • Non-running carsVehicles with mechanical damage

    Mechanical damage might indicate something fundamentally wrong with the car, or it could simply suggest that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. Still, the auction had to justify the sale since it is over ten years old.

  • Cars with blown engines

    They refer to internal mechanically damaged vehicles. Despite the presence of smoke, steam, and, on rare occasions, fire, an engine does not blow up. The damage is so severe that it has affected the bulk of the engine components.

  • Vehicles with body damage

    Negligence, or any damage that comes from carelessness, is a prevalent source of vehicle body damage. In parking lots, for example, it's not unusual for stuck shopping carts to collide with cars and damage their sides.

  • Totaled cars

    When the cost of repairs exceeds the vehicle's market worth, such cars are labeled "Totaled." Even if you repair it, they may deem it a complete loss. If your automobile is declared totaled by the insurance company, you will be paid the actual monetary worth of the vehicle.

  • Old cars

    The term "old cars" is usually reserved for more than 20 years old automobiles.

What Will the Salvage Yard Do with My Car After They Buy It?

You're not far off the mark if you believe your automobile mysteriously vanishes at a junkyard. Salvage yards are businesses that acquire and sell old automobiles for a profit. However, in certain situations, a salvage company may rehabilitate a car and resell it. Junkyards or automotive salvage yards acquire junk cars from former owners. Rubber, copper wiring, plastics, lead batteries, steel, and precious metals like platinum will be separated and depolluted from the junk car.

The yard may either repurpose the items or sell them to interested parties. Salvage yards remove valuable pieces from scrap cars and sell them to customers. Once all of the useful components have been extracted. Crushed scrap metal is sold to a metal recycling facility or refinery. Metal should be disposed of in this manner. It is beneficial to the environment since it reduces pollutants and carbon emissions.

What Will the Salvage Yard Do with My Car After They Buy It?


  • Can I Sell More than One Junk Car?

    When companies purchase junk cars, the most frequent thing they do is utilize or sell salvageable components. Parts for older automobiles might be challenging to come by, mainly if the manufacturer no longer produces them. Therefore, you can sell as many junk cars as you want and profit.

  • Can I Sell My Junk Car For $500?

    If the vehicle is recent, say seven years or fewer, contains reusable components, and is a popular model on the road in your region, you may sell a junk car for $500. You may be able to get $500 for your junker if you can tick all those boxes.

  • Should I Donate My Car or Junk It?

    Many charities rely on automobile contributions to support their work in local communities since junk cars have a worth of between $200 and $500. When you donate a junk automobile, the charity may dismantle it and sell the scrap metal and usable pieces.

  • How Do Scrap Prices Affect the Value of my Junk Car?

    When scrap prices are low, the junkyard will pay less for junk cars since there is't as much demand. They may need to keep additional automobiles in their yard, or their purchasers may not be interested in them all. It might be due to economic reasons or a high level of mining output..

  • Will Salvage Yards Buy Junk Cars Without Title?

    Several junkyards will pay cash for junk automobiles that don't have a legitimate title and that no one else wants to purchase as long as the owner provides a copy of the car's registration, driver's license, or other evidence of ownership.

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Sell Your Junk Car with Best Price Now!

JunkYardNearMe makes the procedure easy, secure, and fast. We'll arrange for your junk car to be picked up by one of our local service providers. We schedule a pick-up within 24-48 hours. You can rest assured that we will provide you with the best and most secure deal possible.

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